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We make it possible to control how your images look on all channels and devices. By combining human touch with a fine-tuned AI, we offer efficiency and high quality. Because image cropping is much more than having an object in the frame.

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Image cropping for multiplatform environments

Frameright is a software solution that makes sure images look good on all channels and devices. With Frameright, anyone can create differently cropped versions of an image and save this information inside the image file’s metadata fields. We use AI to boost manual work (faster and cheaper) and help companies enhance their visual communications (increased quality and engagement).

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Control your story

The world is full of images. Whether you are a journalist, a brand or an online retailer, images matter. You need to stand out from the noise. You need to know exactly what you are publishing. High-quality images engage and help increase your business. If you invest in pictures, you need to make sure they also look right in all audience touchpoints.

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Frameright software

Frameright is a browser-based application available to everyone. It can also be easily integrated inside different content management systems and digital asset management systems. For a custom integration, get in touch

  • Always know how your content will be displayed
  • Create a unique library configuration to suit your needs
  • Crop multiple versions at the same time
  • Add copyright and other overlays on your images
  • Let AI assist you, but still be in control
  • Works with jpegs, pngs, gifs, tiffs and almost all other file formats
  • Data saved inside the image file's metadata

Transferring the Frameright data happens as you transfer the file. Smart flexibility with no information lost.

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Frameright redefines the image ecosystem. For the first time, anyone at any point can define how the image will be shown. No more dealing with various versions of the same image, all channels and devices are covered with a single asset.

We just made image cropping non-destructive.


Frameright founders
  • Marina Ekroos. CEO, Co-founder
  • Ilkka Järstä. CTO, Co-founder

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